Below is a template email you can send to your Vice-chancellor, asking them to make sure they’re using Jisc at your university!

Dear [VC NAME]

As a current student at [UNIVERSITY NAME], I am writing to ask that you help our university maximise student registration by taking one simple step. 

Universities have a vital role to play in encouraging the democratic engagement of students and, as you will be aware, the Office for Students’ regulatory framework contains a condition relating to the facilitation of electoral registration. 

A change in registration rules means students need to register themselves if they want to vote, as universities can no longer register all their residential students in bulk. One third of students are estimated to be currently missing from the register, with youth turnout in a general election not having exceeded 52% in two decades. 

I am therefore asking that you make every effort to encourage students to register to vote ahead of the new academic year. With an early election increasingly likely this is arguably more pressing than ever. 

I would strongly suggest considering integrating registration into enrolment systems as a way to do this. The effectiveness of these are well documented: in 2016, Sheffield Hallam university had no system in place to encourage registration alongside enrolment. As a result, just 13% of eligible voters were on the register. At Sheffield University, by contrast, giving students the option to register when they enrol has led to 76% of their students being on the register. 

To implement a similar system in our university can be easily done. A simple step might be to adopt the one offered by Jisc, who have recently launched a service that assists universities with the process of liaising with multiple electoral registrars in order to register their students to vote. More information about this service can be found here: 

This campaign is being promoted by Vote for Your Future, if you have any questions please contact them immediately at or

Kind regards,